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my fanfiction recs


my fav authors :

ALL their stuff is A+

[most comments here are mine, some are just copy-pasted summaries]

[and they aren’t especially in other, slave ones, killer and marriage ones maybe but the rest is kinda a mess :} ]


♥♥Future Legend

Post-apocalyptic futurefic with all Idol crew. adorable Kris. glittery king Adam. drama and fun.

House of the Living

the famous Zombie fic. just read it if you haven’t already.

Beauty In The Breakdown

domestic zombies ok? ok.

Community Rules for Hauntings

Kris’ house is haunted, he meets Adam and Adam helps. kinda scary at the end;)

The Rescue Blues

Kris has amnesia. He’s lost. Guess what happens.

If It Kills Me and sequel Here We Are

the plane crush fic. they try to survive on a deserted island. things get scary and smutty. then comes rescue and guilt ;)

The Devilstone Registry

western fic; Krissy the kid knows how to handle a gun.

'mad' scientist Adam hires him. then come magic creatures, bad guys some smut.

(This Is) Not a Statement

bbf fic

But I Still Have Dreams

Kris is a robot and I love this fic to death.

Far Along This Road

it was supposed to be a one-night stand, but then what else is new

Until the Dance Becomes Your Own

Adam is a dancer, Kris hires him for his tour. Adam is the best ever but comes with a baggage and bad publicity. Kris makes it work.

In Which Adam Needs a Place to Stay

Homeless Adam. Kris spots him at an audition, which Adam doesn’t nail due to the coughing..

Paying the Rent

funny ‘Kris finds a sugar daddy' fic :)

In Fiction There Are No Mosquitoes

Kris visits his old beach house. the nudists that scared his parents off still some to the beach nearby.

The World in an Hourglass

The masquerade ball fic.

Kris works as a waiter at a party where his spots the most beautiful woman ever. wine is spilled, the dress is ruined and Adam gets Kris off. Kris can’t help thinking about her.

Suppose It’s Too Much to Call Coincidence

"In which Kris finds a puppy and the laws of probability change dramatically." and the puppy may or may not be real.

More Myself When I’m With You

bbf fic by Jerakeen :) this one is so wonderful, you won’t be sorry.

Honor Of Gentleman

Victorian times and noblemen. Kris a priest. Neil marries Katy, so Kris follows them and there meets Adam. War stuff happens and Kris and Neil are prisoners in Spain. It’s a great read :)

Tightly Knit

Kris owns a store with knitting stuff, Adam makes a scarf :) really cute


soccer fic :D Adam gets transfered to Kris’ team (but I think this fic has been taken off :( for a bit)

Taking A Toll

Adam can send people in time, so he sends Kris to himself to be his first.

This fic is fucking amazing ♥♥

Unless it’s lies or it’s love

Adam is a rock star and Kris works in a bakery. Some abuse stuff, but a lovely fic.

Out There

Kradam/Doctor who :D :D

Hanging Like Bricks Don’t

Aliens made them do it:)


Kris figures himself out.

take what we want and give the rest away

After divorce Kris moves in with Adam who is still seeing drake, then Kris meets Sam at a gym and Adam says he always thought that if Kris was ever  to be with a guy it’d be him…

Hot Like Wasabi

Kris gets off on Adam’s pics. Adam sends him magazines :} dirrrty.


aka the Unicorn Fic & HP crossover :D

To Soar on Chromatic Wings

cyberhuman Adam, haunted by the company. Kris finds him and helps him, Adam sorta gets ‘save Kris’ into his programming :) awesome fic, very IT :) funny and smutty till the company finds them.

the Tie

Adam has been abused in the past and now he deals treating sex as sth that gives him power. Then he meets Kris and slowly the walls he put up vanish. Very slowly. And there’s a lot of tie talk :} and smut smut smut.

Fools and Kings and Over Land and Sea (Sequel )

aka Adam the Dragon Slayer 

Earth Boys Are Easy

aka the Alien!Adam Fic

(Plain)Clothes Don’t Make the Man

aka the Homeless!Kris Fic

Dreaming Out Loud

aka the Sleepless in Seattle Fic

Melt Into Time

Kris goes back in time to the idol times, after he discovers Adam is engaged.

Pour Some Sugar on Me (in the Name of Love) aka the Stripper Tea Party Fic

Adam is a stripper at Kris’ party, Kris doesnt feel like partying, so they make tea. Then Adam tries to woo Kris after all :}

That Old Black Magic

aka the Fate Fic. Awesome

Brand New Shoes

aka the Blind Date Fic

Just a Glance Away Sequel Something in Your Eyes 

aka Allison’s Bad Day

All the More For That

9 years since idol Allison is getting married. Kris meets Adam at the wedding..

Curtain Shopping

Adam knows Kris’ least fav color.

There’s Always a Reason to Take the Scenic Route

Kradam on a short road trip :)


spell fic the one where adam is magically transformed into big old fat self, kris didnt really believe him. ( I think the fic is taken down. ;( )

What Is Now (And What Will Take Place Later)

adam is a porn star.. body swaps with kris.

Knocking on your door (baby, baby, please now)

Kris keeps almost dying, and it makes him realize that he needs to fight for what he wants.

(Every Heart is) Like a House on Fire

aka the Cop AU

The Sound of Pulling Heaven Down

The unicorn roadtrip fic


Adam is in the hospital and no one can make Kris leave his room

Little Moments

kris taking care of adam who hurt burnt his hands and has bandages. DAWWWWWWWW.

sex machine

see title ;)

I Get to Kiss You, Baby

kradam reading fanfics :> Neil butting his nose in


Kris think Adam is a hustler he hired. Adam plays along.


they met, they were amazing,they broke up. They meet again after 10 miserable years, on the same boat. Very angsty. Very brilliant.

Electricity Sparks Inside of Me

Kris a teacher in the closet Adam drama teacher. Rent play and raly. romantic fic.  Rent was aww

Day Grows Slowly

Kris and Adam have wings.


Reallllyy hot. Kris on a love drug

2 Killer!Kris fics:D

Paper Gangsta Epilogue: Rhinestone Brass Knuckles

Kris is an assassin who doesn’t really want to kill Adam. Super sweet :D

all these things that i’ve done

kris is an asassin and he has to kill adam but he cant:D hot ;)

It Is Written

Adam is a unicorn! And Kris is a prince!


Adam is a little bit psychic. Very cool concept.

Anything But Lonely

Older, confident, out Kris meets shy, awkward teenage Adam AU

No Time To Ring the Alarm

They’re detectives working undercover at a nightclub


Kris is a physical therapist and Adam is an injured pro tennis player. Then there is really hot sex.

You Kind of Stayed With Me

Adam is a wedding planner. 

Safe is Overrated

Adam works at Starbucks college AU.   mirror!sex.


hey’ve been best friends their whole lives, but how can Kris deal with Adam wanting to go to clubs and hook up when he’s in love with Adam? {high school au}

Blind Leading the Blind Now with sequel! Waking Up

Kris is set up on a blind date, but doesn’t realize it’s going to be with a guy. Like you might expect, things turn out alright anyway.

Blind Date and sequel

Kris has a blind date but the guy is late. Adam keeps him company.

Man if things in this world were so easy… I love this fic.

 Falling all over you

They keep meeting randomly and hooking up, public sex, unfy fic, tho Kris wants more and Adam keeps walking away


Kris as a sous-chef Katy puts up an add for Kris and Kris goes out on a blind dates. Ryan is first :D but when he meets Adam .. :) ♥


Adam looking for Kris with ads all over town :D

Darkness Visible

an earthquake happens while kradam goes to the idol reunion, makes a crack in reality and they get lost in a place with monsters, Kris does magic  & Adam has a sword :> cool story :)

Somnambulism (Adam/Kris)

Adam: likes to sleep naked. Kris: sleepwalks occasionally. Sex.

Like The Music That You Play

Kris moves in as a friend. one day they start making out :)

Fall of the medial

after tour Kris moves in, he tries to figure himself out.

take this sinking boat

kris moves in and slowly develops feelings

What’s Lost is Finally Found

Adam teeaches Kris’ kid. Matt is Kris’s ex. ♥

 Drown in the Light

Adam kidnapped Kris two years ago but Kris never saw him, now they fell for each other again, till Kris finds out stuff. Marriage, Tommy courting Allison, and sth I usually stay away from at the end but hell it was funny.

off with your head (we started nothing)

Adam is a dark prince, arranged marriage -Kris was promised to Neil xD but Adam is taking over awesome shit people.

which none may buy

arranged marriage. Kris didnt like Adam at first :) they met years later, Kris’s brother had debts, so Kris didnt have a choice :}

from this moment (you are the one) short PREquel here

Kris is having problems with money so Adam proposing marriage to help him save the bussiness, Adam is famous sends him funny t-shirts ^^

Baby, There’s No Other Superstar

Kradam fake married for publicity but Adam thinks Kris is str8 .. funny and smutty stuff.

100 Hours

architect Adam has to serve with Kris his community service, helping with a project :)

Not Your Momma’s Fairytale

young Adam accidentaly catches Kris.. who is a fairy :D they have to live together :) then way later fairies find Kris, boblins attack and I laugh so hard :D


Kradam, fairies, the only mpreg fic I can stomach, it’s so amazingly ridiculous just :D :D :D

Take all the time lost

 the snow globe fic-Kris and Adam were cursed, Adam doesnt remember Kris and Kris has a chance to get him to love him again, every lifetime, for 28days. (I may have cried some.. :>)

No One Ever Sees Kris Allen Coming…Until Now

Adam released a home video:> now everyone wants Kris and Adam gets jealous :D


Kris rents out a haunted mansion, Adam wants him to leave at first but then they become ~friends.. beautiful, BEAUTIFUL fic ♥♥


~ Time Traveler’s Wife fic. Kris travels through time. and has sex a lot ok. so basically.. UNFF

Only Forward 

Kradamaty , 3some relationship that works :3 writer pulled this off, just ♥


Kradamaty sorta, Katy starts it all but then Kris can’t keep away and it all breaks down. so.. Kradam :>

mint condition, special edition, very rare and lined with glitter

Kris goes on some sort of a dating cruise.. where Adam works as an entertainment :3

I would be

♥♥♥Kris with a kid, rents out a cheap room with Adam, they dont like each other much, tho start hooking up casually, mess drama and happy end^^ (like I read anything that doesn’t have a happy end;p)

i’m game if you are

Kris had a bad experience with sex, thinks he’ll be bad, so Adam proves him wrong:>

For This Dance I’ll Move With You

short, sweet, struggling Kradam with no money, they only have each other ♥♥♥

With a cherry on top

lovely, lovely and funny.. porn :3 Kris is older than Adam and he’s not sure he should do this.. meaning do Adam.. but cant stop himself:> thankfully.

Unholy, Dirty and Beautiful

apocalypse fic, Kris knew it was coming and built a safe house but Adam is still out there, were people are infected.. they spot him one day and Kris does everything to bring him in. <3 *Im ignoring the bible stuff*


Kris is Adam’s P.A. who quits over and over again, but then  Adam goes missing and Kris is the only one who can find him :3


shortie, Adam is self-conscious about his body and doesn’t want to make love in the sun and Kris makes him let it all go asdfghjkl;♥♥♥♥

God is a gambler.

Adam awakes in in the body of Adam from alternate universe. and likewise. great fic:3

friends are for smilies

AU Kris has a kid, Adam owns a bar. they meet in a hospital. abused!Kris and a dickhead hard to get rid of; Adam to the rescue ;)

The Tale of Squire Kristopher and the Black Dragon

Dragon!Adam :D kris comes to kill it and stays as the dragon’s pet:3 there is also lots of unfy dreamsex xD


such a bert fic:3 fay magical prince!Adam :D the outfits omg. the wings unf. and I totally adore Baraz xD em anyway: Kris saves Adam and Adam is bound to him for a year, also politics, kingdoms, drama and magic.

 ♥until the dance becomes your own

Adam is a dancer and Kris hires him for his tour.

Adam has a bad P.R. , but Kris takes a chance on him (because Adam is the best dancer ever of course; ) ) and unf Adam in this.. I read this long ago and cant belive I forgot to add this here sooner.
A $500 Bottle of Bordeaux

adam thinks he is on a date with david, david invited kris who is adam’s fan. David is kinda of a dick but adam and kris click :> 

The Snow Diamond
 ris needs to steal a necklace. Adam is faster :) hot smut and robbers
Fantasy for Real
omg unf kris is beta tester for virtual robot adam :3 guess who created him :D

Save the Unicorn

Kris the unicorn  fic :333 so presh

See You in the Dark

boys are werewolfes hunters. lots of angst and drama and misunderstandings.

my fav smut

lose your inhibitions (hold me tight, tonight)

Kris gets an ‘intimate’ massage gift card for his birthday. mmm.

Slave fics

♥♥♥ Stephen

very dark, kinda future fic, with brainwashed Kris, who responds to different name now and does as commanded. heavy stuff.

♥♥♥Scar Tissue

amazing.  Adam finds himself going through the slave market when he spots Kris being abused and decides to save him… Kris is very hurt.

♥♥Salvation is a Four Letter Word

Kris sees Adam being punished by his master Gtfokey and buys him & Allison out. Adam doesn’t believe that Kris is any better.

link to the last part  here  as the parts aren’t linked at the beginning.

 The hours and times of your desire

Kris is Adam’s slave, Adam lets him work and buy himself freedom.

Random Untitled Kradam Fic (of doom)

verry long fic, Kris gets Adam from Gokey. Adam has been raised as a sex slave in this fucked up facility and is all kinds of fucked up.

Time for Miracles

new slave fic \o/ Adam/OMC, science-fiction stuff but the characters there were great.. and call me cray, w/e, I love slave fics

Werewolfes/Vampire fics

Slayer’s Got a New School

Adam is a vampire. Kris is a slayer :)

Wolf and fox.

Werewolf and werefox to be precise. Gorgeous. Adam is the leader of the wolfs. Kris is brought to him to play with. Tommy causes trouble. Cam is great. Brad is fun.

Beneath A Midnight Moon

wolf/vampire fic, Adam saves Kris and they mate, which is against all the rules of their packs so drama drama drama, but the fic is so presh :3

The Alpha and The Healer

wolf fic, Kris is a healer so people want to get him, but he mates with Adam so to late folks :>



Kris is a robot. or is he? :D

The Light of the Bright World

Adam orders robot Kris for a month.. :}

Other Duties As Assigned?

Adam’s Kris doll broke. Kris pretends to be  the d.o.l. companion while the doll is fixed, he supposed to beep when he doesn’t want to do sth but well :)



aka the Fluffy Prison AU. Really.

♥♥San Quentin

Adam takes care of Kris, has to get him to pretend to have sex with him to be protected, all kinds of nasty people around, Adam gets beaten a lot, kids don’t read this:>  great fic:>


Bingo and Kradam sequel Bridge

„It would not be an overstatement to say that Adam knows something about sex toys.” hot.

♥♥♥♥♥♥Building Jerusalem (Directions Not Included)

Adam gets hurt, Kris lands in prison, Katy tries to get it together, Kris/OMC , very long , AMAZING.

Lambiff /Adommy/ Ratbert

The Mr. Lambert Effect

Adam is a history teacher. Tommy is a student. Fuck the rules.

For Hire

Tommy is a hustler in Burbank . Adam is Adam, and he can’t get TJ out of his mind.


Adam and Tommy are both hustlers, TJ is only starting and Adam helps him out. This fic and writer are amazing.

♥♥The Laws of Ilyria

a fucking must read. middle ages: King Adam wins a war and takes prince Tommy as his slave. beautiful, sexy, dark, light, fun, sad.. bring tissues. SERIOUSLY.

Drive By

  smut :d they hook up a lot just for fun. Suddenly they get drunk and.. get married. They stay that way for publicity.. kinda ridiculous and hot :D

Heart Laid Bare

College AU where Adam is a theater major who works as a nude model for figure drawing classes, and Tommy is a music major who needs one last elective to graduate.

Cut out in little stars

TJ picks up a hitchhiker, and what a trip they have;)

Prison AUs

magic maker

Lambiff, Adam caught for doing magic, TJ for doing boys :> kinda silly but sweet.

You know what they do to guys like us in prison

Adam is TJ’s bitch :> TJ tries to stay away but Adam wants him, all complicated and violent  and stuff but a great fic nonetheless.


Adam/Sauli saubert fic

Someone Like You

two Adams xD evil professor!Adam swoops in from time to time, and boys have to deal with him :>

Five Times Adam Let Sauli Drive, And One Time He Didn’t

porn porn porn

and basically all fics by Bexless ♥♥♥♥


Interview Techniques

sequel How Not to Give an Interview

Adam answers very personal questions, asks Brad for some help. And most of the memories are about Brad anyway.. guess how it ends :) It’s lovely really, smutty and sad and beautiful about their life before.

Candles and pretense

Two Adams fic :) Adam gets split by a witch and only Brad can join him back together ;)

3some.ish :D


Happy Ending

adam gets a massage.. smut.

A Terrible Beauty

true blood c-o : Godric/Adam

Strange Fascination

Adam/Daniel (just imagine someone else if you must;p, it’s worth it)

Daniel has to play a drag queen in a movie and Adam is his mentor.. brilliant character development, imho.


let’s do something crazy

:3333333 unf .this is all.


  it just isn’t the same on radio

Adam meets a doctor, Jared. sparks fly :3 this fis was so funnily written xD

Adam/mike ruiz

your action without thought

unf bondage omg. the imaginary.. so hot I cant *_*

À Bientôt


Adam meeting a guy in France; schmoop, food and smut :) presh fic, a must read :)

Adam/Jensen Ackles

Disco Rodeo

part 2 (well 3 but w/e)

Snake Eyes and Déjà Vu

A meeting in a bar leads to fun and hot sex. the author has a ‘fucking is fun verse’ and she delivers xD

Easy as pie

Adam/Yigit, sweeeet fic, Adam dating a cook ^^

my fav from :


miss miko’s stories

AU from the end of season 1, also some gapfillers.

No promises

♥♥♥♥♥ I love this story, this is my future canon, soo good and just fitting.


Attrition, AU after s1. Jack comes back but Ianto aint too keen on taking him back. and he’s seeing someone…

(all her stuff is great btw)

Reach Out and Touch Someone

au after s1 Jack phones from the TARDIS and they talk all the time while Jack’s away.


Degrees of Freedom ,

AUish, boys are ~24

When A Heart Breaks 

klaine with terrible timing :3 in th haze

firefighter!Blaine au

FIX amazing writing, one of the best klaine fics, au Klaine meets Blaine in detention, blaine’s a bad boy causing trouble etc, violent but he helps to keep the jocks away, krakofsky is a real douche here, disgusting fucker.

Where We Went Right

au at dalton, HOT, nc-17 like woah, kurt and blaine are roomates and both have bfs.. and then they start an affair :D


au, they wake up in Vegas, married :D just met and dont remember a thing :) kurt takes blaine to see his family and help him with his, roadtrip and getting to know each other :D great stuff